Property Appraiser

*****Steve Byers (R) I meet him while being subjected to property appraisal abuse and he is in the same boat as I am. His goal is to return fairness to the Property Appraiser office for everyone that owns property in Jefferson county. It is that simple fairness for everyone.

*Angela Gray (D) You just need to read “My Property Tax information” to see what I personally been subjected to. I have found a few things on the PA website that will at the least raise your eyebrows with some questions. The good old girl comes to mind and it is time for new leadership in the PA office. Her salary is over $100,000 a year. Per capita income for Jefferson county in past 12 months (in 2022 dollars), 2022 is $29,189. More than 3 times the average income!! All the administrators get over $100k Now I understand why they fight so hard to stay elected. You as a tax payer are being fleeced !

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