Jefferson County Elections

My new motto: Politicians are like underwear, it you do not change them regularly the start to stink!

I have listed Candidates by the offices they are running for. After many years of working in Jefferson County I have come to know most of them. Some are held in high respect and others not so much. I will use the 5 star rating, 5 ***** stars I recommend voting for them and 1 * star no way I could vote for them.

My views of the candidates are influenced by my personal experience and views of trusted opinions of others. I see some of the inter workings of the Jefferson county while I conduct business and interact with the residents

I feel strongly that entrenched politicians that have been in office for many terms need to be replaced with new ones. The good old boy system in time works against the wants and needs of the citizens they are supposed to represent. The county is growing and we need some new people with citizens best interest in mind.

With that said I will be gathering information about the candidates to post here.

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