My Property Tax information

I purchased 2.22 acres in June 4th 2019 in Christmas Acres subdivision for $10,000.00. At that time my property taxes were $97.48. In 2020 they went to $141.48. 2021 were $161.27 2022 were $181.59 and in 2023 they jumped to $457.00. I contacted ( a week before the Sept. 18 deadline to file for a VAB hearing ) the Property Appraisers Office and was told they could tweak my property value. I ask if they could let me know something before the deadline. They said they would contact me before that time. The Property Appraiser contacted ( just after the deadline ) me after 5:00 PM on the 18th. I believe this was their office “working the system” to prevent me from filing for a hearing. On the 19th I get an updated TRIM with the Comps they used to raise my property values 700%! It appears they are working to prevent the taxpayers exercising their rights under Florida law.

No hearing notices and only rumors about a VAB ( Value Adjustment Board ) hearing at the end of February (5 months late). I have already paid my taxes. I believe the Property Appraisers Office is either guilty of neglect of duty or malfeasance. This is the only reason logically I can see why our taxes in the eastern side of Christmas Acres are subject to a 700% increase in property values and the the properties across the street had no increase at all! Shouldn’t the “comps” used to increase our property values apply to everyone in our subdivision or Neighborhood?

A link to the maps for our area to see how the Property Appraisers Office has divided our Sub-division into who pays 700% more and the owners who paid nothing more for 2023 property taxes GIS maps. It should open on my lot and you can expand it to see all of Christmas Acres.

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