Our Solid Waste Abuse

Well I did not think garbage could get this messed up!

When I first bought my property I called the solid waste and ask if I could use the the drop off site. The gentleman I spoke with was very nice and said “sure and if I had any problems to just call him”. Ok I thought I was set and all was well.

After a few years of normal usage dropping off a few items like the “to go” dinner plates and drink bottles. Then one day I stopped by and the man at the location demanded my drivers licenses and proceeded to tell me I was not allowed to use the dump. He could not pronounce his bosses name for some reason. To get to the point the county decided to restrict property owners with out homes to use the dumps. In an effort to pay for the sold waste division the county added a tax to homes. As I did not have a home on my property I was not even able to pay the tax to use the dumps. After looking into what was going on I found that for several years they did not fully fund the sold waste division expenses and had to supplement their budget from the general fund. I am looking into just how must was used from the general fund. In other words my tax money is helping pay for a service I was not allowed to use.

Jefferson county residents pay much higher taxes for solid waste than Wakulla and Leon county’s. In Leon county $40.00 solid waste fee per year and I can drop off my garbage. I can subscribe to curb once a week Garbage and Recycle cans for $280.00 per year for a total of $320.00 a year. Jefferson was $248.00 $350.00 to drop off your garbage. POPs charges (on Taylor Rd.) are about $400.00 per year for pickup for a total of $750.00.

UPDATE: The tax for solid waste has been jacked up to est. of $350.00 a year!!

Way more than twice a year for garbage curb pickup once a week service. WHY does it cost so much more in Jefferson county?? Why dose it cost the same for a single wide MH as a Six bedroom house?? So many questions. I think it is time for the public start asking questions!

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